Charging station for e-bikes and e-scooters

The first self-sufficient, mobile charging station

The PV BIKEPORT was designed as a self-sufficient, off-grid isolated solution, which can also be connected to existing power grids. By default, the PV BIKEPORT comes with a wood-decked floor. This weight also serves as a foundation – making it a mobile power plant!

The PV BIKEPORT can be installed directly without the ground unit if a foundation already exists.


The perfect solution for easy installation and commissioning - set up and start!

Independent power generation

Photovoltaic modules, "Made in Austria", charge the integrated battery. The electricity is then available all day long.

Charging station

Different charging solutions are possible, depending on the e-bike brand.

Completely pre-assembled

The PV BIKEPORT is delivered after being mechanically and electrically completely pre-assembled.


An individual PV BIKEPORT can be assembled into larger systems.

Monitoring and remote access

Through the internet it is possible to always keep an eye on energy production and energy consumption. Remote control is also possible.

~ 2.5 kWh of storage

Our storage works in summer as well as in winter.

Wi-Fi hotspot

The optional Wi-Fi hotspot provides access to the Internet during charging.


Go with a bike to the island
Thanks to integrated PV modules and storage you can drive on islands with no issue.
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With rain protection to environemntal care
Weatherproof accommodation for high-quality e-bikes
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A real highlight all day and night!
Permanent lighting through integrated power storage
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Plug & Play, Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste!
Extendable and portable use thanks to pre-assembly without foundation or ground fixation
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Eye-catcher, lighthouse & seller
"Attention-grabbing image and advertising medium for communities and companies  "
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Loads everything that is not on the tree at 3!
"Optional integration of surveillance cameras, WIFI2- hotspot, mobile phone charging station, locking system and much more.  "
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Up the hill with solar power
E-bike charging station with 100% clean energy
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In each variant offered, the following components and features are included:

The following additional components are included if the PV BIKEPORT is electrically designed as a off-grid isolated solution:

Storage: 2.5 kWh
Charging electronics
The foundation option with included weights requires no further attachments! So the PV BIKEPORT is:

Charging station for e-bikes and e-scooters

with PV system & storage

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