The PV BIKEPORT with weighted foundation weights about 1000 kg.

The PV BIKEPORT without a foundation weights approximately 650 kg.

The PV-BIKEPORT is Wind/Stormproof

The PV BIKEPORT can bear about 3.5kN / m2 snow load.

The power of the PV BIKEPORT is 1,36kWp.

The installation time is about 1h. Provided the PV BIKEPORT is delivered and the place prepared.

It can charge 4 e-bikes at the same time, but you can extend the PV BIKEPORT to any length to the right or left for additional e-bikes.

Up to 20 e-scooters can be loaded at the same time.

The removable batteries can be locked in the lockers with combination lock or by app.

The installation is done by service partners and is not included in the PV BIKEPORT price.

The transport costs for the PV BIKEPORT are not included.

Austrian flexible modules are used.

Combination lock, key or app.

The inverter data is transferred to the VRM portal and can be read out from there using web access or the app. 

Battery status, current consumption (consumption at the charging points), PV power, error messages, battery voltage, charging currents.